Samco India

Leading Manufacturer of Roll Forming Machines and Material Handling Solutions.

Opening a 20,000 square feet New Delhi facility in 2008, Samco India serves the growing markets in India, Sri Lanka, UAE, Saudi Arabia, The Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and surrounding countries. 

For over four decades Samco has earned a reputation for being one of the world's top manufacturer of roll forming machines and material handling solutions. Samco Machinery provides complete turnkey roll forming systems including uncoilers, coil cars, flatteners, roll form dies, roll formers, presses, and material handling solutions.

Samco is known as a quality-oriented company that is highly sophisticated and has built trust with our clients by providing the highest level of customer service. We are a company that provides innovative customized solutions built around standard modules. We work with the customer right from the initial discussion phase to understand their requirements and, provide engineered-to-order solutions specific to their needs and budget.

Our responsibility doesn’t end with the delivery of the line. We have a very strong after sales support including parts and service.

With 60 employees at our Samco India location, we are continuing to grow rapidly and are considered market leaders for custom engineered roll forming lines.


Picture of Samco India Personnel


To learn more about how we got our start in India, please read our story, originally published in The Globe and Mail (2008) ‘Looking Beyond America to the Riches of India

What does Samco India have to offer you?

  • In-house Design 
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly
  • Inspection
  • Testing & Production Trial Capabilities
  • Head Office Support from Canada

Some of our solutions include:

samco automotive quality and reliability standardsAutomotive

Samco India works with Tier 1 customers right from the product design stage, to provide innovative, productive, integrated, and cost-effective roll forming machines within the automotive industry. 



Samco stud and track

Metal Framing

Samco India offers component roll forming machines for stud and track, panel, and accessories markets.  



rollforming machines purlinmaster samco


Samco Machinery manufactures Purlin roll forming machines that provide high quality, improved punching results, and are the best choice for U-Channel, Lipped Channel, Sigma Purlins, and Z-shaped profiles.



samco electrical distribution rollformers cable trays strut framing channels

Electrical Distribution

Samco India manufactures roll forming machines for cable trays and strut framing channels. These applications are used in construction for installation of applications such as electrical, utilities and air handling ducts.



building and construction panels roof samco


Samco India manufactures roll forming machines for roof tile panels, low and high trapezoidal panels, wall cassette profiles, and cladding profiles.



SAMCO W BEAM.jpg     Guardrails

      Samco India manufactures guardrail roll forming machines for a wide range of highway products including steel guardrails and signposts.



image of shelving samples     Racking and Shelving

     Samco India designs, engineers, and manufactures quality roll forming lines for the                     shelving and racking industry.



 You could connect with our experienced personnel:

Image of Operations manager

     Mr. Paramjeet Singh
     Manager - Applications Engineering
     Cell: +91 - 8588838034                                                                                                                                                                 Email :


Or visit us at our facility:

Samco India
Asaoti-Jataula Road,
Jataula, Haryana, 121 102
Tel: +91 - 1275 - 262018 / 202026

Image of a roll forming machine in India manufactured by Samco India


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