Racking & Shelving

Samco manufactures rollformers that can make 4-sided shelves in one operation.

Samco designers, engineers, and manufactures collaborate to produce quality rollforming lines for the shelving and racking industry. Whether at home in Canada, or abroad, we provide full installation, training, and ongoing service to all of our racking and shelving clients.


Our product line includes solid and basic manufacturing lines in the Workhorse Series, as well as more advanced options in our professional series of rollforming equipment. 

Every machine can be customized to suit your specific needs, and we will work with you to understand the specific requirements for your desired end product. 

Benefits of Samco racking and shelving systems include:

  • Production of 10 shelves per minute.
  • Blanks and coil-fed ability.
  • Only one operator required.
  • Production of 4 sided shelves.


  • Samco rollformers have the ability to form the end of the rollformed section while also cutting it. 
  • Designed for the wire decking industry, inline flying combinations form and cut-off die.
  • Finish forms both the leading and trailing ends of continuous rollformed parts while cutting the parts accurately to length on a die mounted on a hydraulic press.

Download our Shelving and Racking Presentation for more information on our shelving and racking roll formers.

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