On-site Start Up & Commissioning 

Line layout drawings, engineered product drawings, precision alignment, and more.

Important Information for Buyers

Please note that for all on-site start-up services, the buyer is required to pay for the travel (to and from their facility), as well as accommodation, for the Samco employee(s) assigned to their site. This includes supplying transportation that drops the technician(s) within 3 meters of equipment location.

The buyer puts at disposal their use of overhead crane, forklifts, and auxiliary equipment, as well as materials needed at installation. The buyer must also make sure their factory conditions are properly arranged so that the installation can be performed without interruption.

Samco to provide the following:

  • Line layout drawings.
  • Equipment and all tooling as specified in your quotation.
  • Engineered product drawings.
  • 2 technicians: 1 Mechanical and 1 Electrical.
  • Based on program’s complexity, on-site days to be determined.
  • Precision level and alignment of equipment.
  • All equipment inter-connecting wiring, junction boxes, pneumatics and hydraulic lines.
  • Connecting electric cables between all Samco equipment, panels and consoles.
  • Safety equipment tested.
  • System start up.
  • After-sales support, available of spare parts and technical assistance.

Customer to provide the following:

  • Unloading of the trucks and drop equipment to the location.
  • Prepared foundation including floor pits, embedded anchors and inertia blocks.
  • Electrical disconnect and clean, dry compressed air supply.
  • Power hookup to Main Cabinet.
  • Service trenches with floor plates as required.
  • Water supply (if applicable).
  • Coils to test the line.
  • First filling-up of the lubrication systems including gear oil.
  • Initial charging of hydraulic system (if applicable).
  • Any applicable exhaust hood or ventilation systems.
  • Lifting means for assembly at the customer's facility.

Note: No special foundation required. Industrial concrete floor min. 150 mm thick, flat and leveled.

Service and Field Personnel Charges

Weekdays: $1,200.00 per technician/day

Saturdays and Overtime: $175.00/hour

Sundays and Holidays: $200.00/hour

Travel Time: $100.00/hour

Note: For all non-productive, on-site time, not under Samco’s control, Samco is not held responsible. The above rates will be used to determine additional charges, if any. 


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