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The Greenfield™ Stud & Track

The Greenfield™ is a complete rollforming system which produces 97% of all the stud and track sizes commonly used today. Whether you're starting out, or looking to increase production, The Greenfield™, like all Samco rollformers, is engineered for high volume and high quality.

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Samco produces rugged machinery for a tough industry

Drywall Stud & Track

  • 20 - 25 GA ( 0.9mm - 0.5mm )
  • 200 - 400 feet per minute ( 70 - 120 MPM )
  • Web widths 1 5/8" up to 6" ( 41 mm to 150 mm )

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Our quality line-up gets the job done

Samco is one of the largest suppliers of steel stud lines in the world. Samco Machinery Limited is a manufacturer of world class industrial level rollforming equipment and tooling including rollforming mills, pre-punch and cut-off presses, roll tooling, flatteners, uncoilers, coil cars, etc. We offer a complete line of industrial level rollforming lines for roofing products, steel framing, purlin products and more. 

Revolutionary end-to-end system

Samco offers component rollforming, panel assembly equipment and design software for complete framing production. At the touch of a button, this system can be transformed into a high speed stud and track manufacturing center where the product is prepared for large truckload bundles at line speeds over 400 fpm (120 Mpm), with a high degree of packaging automation. Get the best of both worlds, in-house panel production and high volume bundle production all from one rollforming system. 


“Built to last” is more than a statement, it is our philosophy. Samco Machinery has earned the reputation of having ‘top performance’ systems in the building and construction industries. Our strength in machine design, depth of knowledge and innovation continues to place Samco first in the market. We are proud to be ISO 9000 certified, a first in our industry, and proof of our commitment and dedication.


Samco Machinery is a global leader in rollforming systems which enables our customers to produce higher quality, precision products economically. Samco Machinery meets the high demands of its global markets with manufacturing facilities in Canada and India.

Business Solutions

For decades the construction industry has looked to Samco Machinery for leadership and innovation in the development of quality rollforming systems. Our experience, industry knowledge and designs will continue to provide solutions that meet the high demands of your business.


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