Samco Machinery's E-Learning Lightboard

What is a Samco Machinery's e-Learning Lightboard?

Samco Machinery's e-Learning Lightboard is a solution to help facilitate the transmission of lectures and informational videos. School teachers and college professors can record their lectures just like they would do in an actual classroom --- using a marker and a whiteboard type surface.

Why do we need to use Samco Machinery's e-Learning Lightboard?

Due to the outbreak of  COVID 19, there have been many changes to what used to be once defined as normal. Samco machinery's e-Learning Lightboard is an excellent solution to promote social distancing while allowing the teachers/professors to conduct their classes and provide their students with an experience similar to what they would have in a physical classroom.

The presenter is always facing the camera and can maintain eye-contact with their audience.

Do they need to write backwards? How does this work?

The teacher/professor would have to write as they normally would and, the image that is being transmitted would be reversed so that the students can see it correctly.

How can I buy Samco Machinery's e-Learning Lightboard? 

Please call +1 416 285 0619 x 234 for more information.

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