Automotive Roll Forming Machines

Keeping up with the fast-paced and competitive automotive industry.

Samco Machinery has 40 years of experience producing state of the art, highly automated, customized, and turnkey rollforming solutions for the automotive industry.

We understand the requirements of the industry, deliver tough automotive quality and reliability requirements, and meet the latest automotive industry standards, such as AIAG, TS, ISO and specific OEM quality and reliability standards.

samco automotive quality and reliability standards

Samco Machinery specializes in all major automotive metal forming solutions. We have built structural underbody and heavy gauge chassis parts lines, as well as lines to run very high yield Martinsite materials. Our lines can also produce complex door sash, window channels, seat tracks to bumpers with in-line sweep, and running boards.

Samco Machinery has capabilities to build fully integrated automotive rollforming solutions with in-line pre-punching, in-line welding, in-line sweep units, and flying cut-off systems (for both straight and swept parts, closed and open sections).

For our automotive profiles and rollformers, we can produce: bumpers, side impact beams, chassis components, trim, pillars, and structural cross members. 

automotive profiles and rollformers samco

Our Customers 

Samco is proud to provide quality rollforming solutions to Magna, the second largest auto parts supplier in North America, and among the top 5 parts companies in the world. In addition, Samco Machinery has supplied to many other Tier 1 companies in Canada, US, Mexico, and India.

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