Studmaker™ Roll Former

State of the art steel stud roll forming equipment

For over 30 years, commercial buildings have been erected with load bearing steel studs and related components. By the start of the 21st century, residential construction was using steel in over 25 percent of houses built, making steel stud roll forming a rapidly growing industry.

Samco Machinery Ltd. has the capability to keep stud producers in the forefront of roll forming technology to meet the overwhelming requirements of commercial and residential markets.

Samco’s Studmaker™ incorporates the latest features in steel stud roll forming technology

The Studmaker™ allows you to offer your clients 24-hour custom stud service, on various gauges of material, with different width and flange height combinations, plus the roll forming of deep leg tracks without single shear dies.

Studmaster™ Features & Specs

Fast changeovers and a wide range of options for stud and track widths, material gauges & lip sizes
The Studmaker™ roll forming equipment can be changed in 20 minutes or less to produce a different width and a different flange height, in different gauges of material.

An electro-mechanical adjustment is all that’s required to offer a wide range of stud and track widths on demand. With the Studmaker™, you can produce studs and tracks in a wide range of material gauges and lip sizes from 3/8” to 5/8” as gauge and standards require.

No Flare with Pre-Shear

Flare, a common condition of pre-shear operations, is eliminated with the Studmaker™.

Piercing and Cut-Off

Samco’s Studmaker can be supplied with pre-pierce and pre-shear hydrex dies, which eliminate single shear dies with numerous shear blades. Hydrex dies can be supplied with high sped hydraulic valving, which can pierce 12 gauge steel on 2 foot centers at 110 FPM, or 20 gauge steel at 220 FPM. Hydrex dies can also be supplied separately as an upgrade to existing roll form lines.

Fast Die Changes

In-line dies and hyd allow for fast die changes, and ball valving makes it possible to change dies in only three minutes.

Upgrade to a New Samco Studmaker™!

The Studmaker™ can replace outdated roll formers that hold back your production with their lengthy changeover times. It can also be matched with your existing pierce and cut-off equipment to minimize your cost.

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Samco Machinery Studmaker

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