Stud & Track

Samco Roll Formers for Stud & Track Accessory Products

Our roll formers allow you to service all of your customers’ stud and track requirements

To stay competitive in the stud and track industry, you need to be able to manufacture and supply the accessory components that complement your other framing component products. Samco offers a single roll forming line which can produce all of these products – and with the Option of Rapid Change rafting to assist with fast roll tooling changeovers.

Cornerbead and Furring Channel

You can make corner bead at 300 feet per minute in the morning - and then make furring channel at the same line speed in the afternoon. Most of these products stack nicely and allow many manufacturers to ship their product economically, and sometimes even internationally on a competitive level. So if your market is using furring channel, cornerbeads, construction angle, etc., you can complete your manufacturing facility with a Samco Accessory Roll Forming Line. Some of these products have a knurling embossed into them; some of them have a series of mud/nail holes, so the Samco roll tooling includes a high-speed rotary punch for easy inline punching and easy maintenance.

Samco Superbead

Samco has developed a uniquely strong version of drywall corner bead called Superbead.  The unique feature of Superbead is that it uses the same material thickness (0.013") but it has a rigidity and strength like no other cornerbead product. Many installers and end users of this product will appreciate the straightness and strength built into each piece of Superbead. These features make corners easier to plaster and sand because of the absence of any of the twist or buckling often experienced with other inferior cornerbeads.

Samco's high speed Superbead roll forming lines can produce this product at over 400 feet per minute, with an automatic stacker for easy material handling. Your customers will clearly prefer Superbead once they’ve held it in their hands and felt the difference. Not only is it noticeably straighter and stronger, your sales people will be able to offer Superbead to your customers at the same price as regular convention cornerbead.

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