Solar Products:


Samco is a leading turnkey fabricator of solar mounting systems for large scale rooftop and ground-mounted PV applications. Services include product development support, procurement, manufacturing, logistics and project management. Leveraging forty years of expertise in operating, developing and implementing internationally leading edge and high precision roll forming, stamping, bending, machining and fastening technologies, Samco delivers just-in-time solar mounting products to the highest quality standards.

Turnkey manufacturing services for custom utility and commercial-scale PV mounting systems include:

  • Ground-mount fixed and tilt tables
  • Ground mount trackers
  • Roof-top ballasted high/low profile racking systems
  • Roof-top penetrating mounting systems
  • Any custom applications


We will support you at each stage of your project:

Launching a new program:

  • Design support
  • Standardization of dimension (Imperial vs Metric)
  •  Standardization of profiles
  • Protototyping
  • Copra FEA

Project sourcing, production and delivery to sites:

  • Commodity Purchasing Power: Optimal price of Material
  • One point of contact: Long term partnership with vendors
  • High Volumes Capabilities: Large economy of scale
  • Just in Time : Follow your installation schedule
  • Standard Tooling: Reduce your investment cost
  • In-house Tooling: Tooling Design & Manufacturing beyond quality standards at cost
  • Efficient Equipment: Minimum Scrap
  • Intermodal Solutions across North-America: Deliver efficiently from coast to coast
  • Mobile Roll-Former in India: Eliminate the Logistic risk
  • Optimized Packaging: Reduce your cost of freigth and handling on site

“Watt” Else :

  • Traceability: Domestic Content (Ontario, India)
  • Confidentiality: In-House Tooling and Product Fabrication
  • Quality: Best in class Procedures
  • Material processing: Aluminum, Steel, Stainless, Galvalume
  • (Light to heavy Gauge)

We look forward to helping you with your PV solar mount projects.

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