Samco Uncoilers

World class uncoiler technology at globally competitive prices

Samco offers innovation and design of complete roll forming lines and uncoilers for the automotive, shelving and racking, building construction, and stud and track industries, including installation and world class service. We are a global supplier of roll forming systems with a local presence.

Samco produces a complete line of uncoilers, uncoiler/coil car combinations and hold downs integral to the uncoiler. Standalone hold downs and feed up tables are also available for the metal working industry.

Durable and efficient uncoilers for your industry

Samco builds the uncoiler to handle heavy gauge steel coils, day after day, shift after shift. When buying coil handling equipment, it is important to look for the best way to reduce coil changeover time and roll former downtime so you can focus on greater productivity.

Samco has been building uncoilers for the Tube Mill and Roll form Industry 35 years. We pride ourselves in offering the best in the industry with the greatest value proposition. Our design is the most rugged available so that it can handle the demands of manufacturing.

Samco’s uncoilers are designed to withstand tube mill speeds of up to 1000 fpm, while the standard line speed of the steel stud industry is 600 fpm. That’s why 95% of steel stud producers in the industry have a Samco uncoiler.


• Range in sizes from 3,000 lb – 40,000 lb
• Single and Double Ended
• 5- headed for multiple coils to rest!
• Many options available including:
• 12” traversing base
• Hold down arms and snubbers
• Feed-up and rewind
• Powered hydraulic rotation
• Hydraulic expansion
• And more…

We regularly keep these uncoilers in stock

• 3,000 and 6,000 lb. single ucoilers
• 6,000 and 10,000 lb. double uncoilers

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