Refurbished Equipment


If you are looking for pre-owned or refurbished equipment, Samco can help. We offer:

  • Samco brand machines as well as others
  • Individual pieces or turnkey systems
  • Retrofitting with other machines into new systems
  • Full after sales support
  • Commissioning and full training

If you are interested please fill out the Refurbished Equipment form and one of our dedicated sales staff will contact you.

Please see below for a list of current refurbished inventory.




Proma Mill

  • Number of Passes  - 12
  • Shaft Diameter  - 2 ¾”
  • Roll space  - 22”
  • Vertical centers  - 4 ¾” – 8”
  • Horizontal centers  - 18”
  • Base to Bottom Shaft  - 7”
  • DC drive  - 40HP
  • Spindle ratio  - 1:1
  • Drive housing reduction ratio  - 10.33:1


Contact Jorgo Ruco at 416-285-0619 x 367 for more details or by e-mail





1) Pro Eco 40 Tonne Press

  • 3" stroke
  • 24" by 24" space

Price: $25,000

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