The Samco People Promise™

We came up with a process of all our processes which we trademarked called The Samco People Promise™. Essentially this is the process we follow here at Samco, which covers all stages of working with a customer.

1.The Creative Analysis™
Our focused rollforming experts and in-house engineers explore our customer’s true needs, beyond their stated requirements. Our experience reveals unseen efficiencies, adds innovative technologies, and brings a personalized approach to our customer’s floor, for both the experienced buyers or buyers that are new to the industry.

2.The Personalized Invitation™
We encourage every customer to visit our industrial ‘home’. We warmly welcome our customers and introduce them to the team of project management, design, engineering and manufacturing professionals.

3.The People First Formula™
Empowered people deliver a better experience and proven people deliver better products. We place the highest value on our people, we are driven to hire only the best. We invest in their growth (Samco Academy of Learning), we measure success against clear values – attitude is everything, personal integrity, and high-level performance – recognizing that it’s our people who create our company culture through their daily thoughts and actions.

4.The Optimal Solution™
We confidently bring a proposal based on workable technology. From our Creative Analysis at the beginning, to the best of our knowledge, our proposal will not have hidden costs or post-build add-ons. Whether our customer wants the Professional Series or our Workhorse Series, they will always get legendary Samco quality and engineering.

5.The Product Launch™
Samco quickly and efficiently launches the project from sales and engineering and manufacturing. Each customer is assigned a Project Manager as the central point of overall control, and a Lead Engineer.

6.The Project Management Model™
The project is measured against Samco’s detailed milestone system. Our FEA technology predetermines manufacturing tolerances, our enhanced ERP system provides instant access to relevant information, and our ISO 9001 certification mandates not only measurement, but continuous improvement as a normal aspect of business. Timely documentation is mandatory as it keeps every customer knowledgeable, and able to impact the project as it is being built.

7.The Project Transfer™
During full testing of the line and toolng at Samco’s facility, our customer’s staff is brought in for training. The line is then shipped to the site for installation by the customer. Next, Samco’s team of electrical and mechanical experts can conduct final on-site commissioning at which time further operational training is provided. In this way, our customers see the line in action, handle the installation and are fully trained both in a controlled environment and at their own site.

8.The Performance Promise™
Samco closes every project consistent with our mandate of continuous improvement. Our customer satisfaction survey solicits honest answers to questions about our people, our process and the product. We share this response with our entire project team. Our manager of Continuous Improvement models our actual performance against our standards and implements improvement processes where required, while also identifying our areas of excellence.

9.The Ongoing Advantage™
A true partnership doesn’t end with the delivery of the rollformer. We continue to provide support where needed with easy two-way communication. Samco is proud to support positive and continuing relationships with all its customers.





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