Samco Master Bundlers

For over a decade, Samco Machinery has been manufacturing field-proven stud and track packaging equipment for the steel framing industry.

This packaging equipment automates the handling of mini bundles and automatically builds pre-programmed master bundles, effectively reducing the labor of two operators from each roll forming line at production speeds of 500 ft per min and more.

The Samco Master Bundler is located immediately following the roll forming lines, run-out table, and strapping unit.

The operation begins with the line operator programming in the number of mini bundles per layer and the number of layers in each master bundle. After the line operators manually nest the required number of pieces of stuttered track into a mini bundle, the strapping unit bands the mini bundle, preparing it for stacking into a master bundle.

The mini bundles are then transported by a powered roller conveyer to a first stage stacking system, where each layer of the master bundle is compiled. Each layer of mini bundles is squared and straightened for a neat and tidy master bundle. Following completion of the pre-programmed number of layers of the master bundle, it automatically moves to the second stage of the packaging system where the forklift operator applies the necessary banding. The placement of the banding sheets makes this an easy task.

Continuous operation for roll forming efficiency

The packaging equipment has been designed to permit the roll forming line to operate continuously, building the succeeding master bundle, while the completed mater bundle moves to the second stage banding position. There is no stopping of the roll forming line while the completed master bundle is moved to the second stage position. By adding a Samco Master Bundler, the labor of two operators can be eliminated on each stutter track roll forming line on every shift.

The fast payback on Master Bundler packing equipment makes cost justification an easy one to document. With over one hundred Samco Master Bundlers in operations, this packing equipments has earned its reputation for reducing labor costs, and for fewer worker compensation claims.

Your manufacturing plant can benefit financially by having a Samco Mater Bundler on each and every stud and track roll forming line.

See video for more information.

Master Bundler video screenshot

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