Electrical Controls

Convenience and quality in roll forming equipment control panels and power receptacles

All Samco roll forming equipment features have standard plug and play quick disconnect power receptacles, making new systems installations a snap. When your line arrives on your floor, you simply snap the connections together and the equipment is ready for power.

Our quality control panels provide programmable lodging control, and handling and batch control systems.

Specifications and Requirements
All of our controls and components are inspected and approved to meet CSA and UL codes. Because our customers operate all over the world, we know what requirements are needed for any country and application.

Electrical Controls Experience

We know what goes into every piece of equipment. We only use brand name components so parts can be ordered anywhere in the world. We know how important this roll forming equipment is for your business and the amount of investment you have put into it. The last thing you want is for it to break down because of some little low-quality switch which can be costly to replace, particularly through the downtime you need to take the roll former or press apart for the replacement.
Proud supplier of AMS

We support all AMS products - ask us about their Eclipse software. Click here for system requirements and features.

Our customers are very excited about this Resource Management Reporting Software to manage their business, from ordering the coils to the product being shipped out their door.

Touch Screen Control Panel

  • Programmable, therefore allows you to add features anytime
  • No wires, just 1 cable
  • Monitoring device capability, gives explanations for possible stoppages

Electrical Quick-Disconnects

  • For Plug & Play capability
  • Makes start-up quicker, easier, no hassles

Control Enclosure with Overhead Cable-Drops

  • All cables are run overhead

Our team of electrical engineers has over 10 years of experience with us, and they travel to your facility during installation of the roll forming equipment.

See video below for more information.

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